Who Offers Stucco Services in Texarkana, AR?

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Stucco is a versatile material. It can give any property a western or Mediterranean look. If you'd like to add a stucco structure to your home or business in Texarkana, AR, Ontiveros Masonry & Stucco LLC is the contractor to call. We can stucco build retaining walls and exterior walls for new construction projects.

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What type of stucco should you choose?

What type of stucco should you choose?

You're set on having stucco surfaces on your property, but now you have another choice to make: traditional or synthetic stucco? Both options are resistant to fire, serve as excellent sound barriers and come in a variety of styles and colors. Here are a few more things to know about your two options:

1. Traditional Stucco Plaster
Traditional stucco is a great option for properties that frequently experience wet conditions. It is more resistant to water absorption and damage than synthetic stucco and holds up to hail and animal interaction.

2. Synthetic Stucco
If you choose synthetic stucco, you can enjoy the stylistic qualities of traditional stucco plaster at a more affordable price. Additionally, synthetic stucco is a better insulator and more flexible than traditional stucco. It does not yellow or fade, making it a low-maintenance option.

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