Make Sure Your Curb Appeal Is Set in Stone

Upgrade your property in Texarkana, AR with stone work by Ontiveros Masonry & Stucco LLC

Stone will never go out of style. Install a stone pathway to complement the lush green turf in your lawn. Or build a retaining wall to stylishly hold your soil in place. You can rely on Ontiveros Masonry & Stucco LLCof Texarkana, AR to build these structures for you.

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4 benefits of stone masonry

4 benefits of stone masonry

If you're looking for a way to update the exterior of your commercial or residential space, consider hiring Ontiveros Masonry for your masonry project. Here are a few ways stone can work wonders for your property:

  1. Increases the property value of your home or business
  2. Adds utility to your outdoor space
  3. Requires little maintenance
  4. Withstands heavy traffic and weather

Discuss your vision with Ontiveros Masonry, and we'll complete the stone work you'd like to see.